All Seeing Eye Games is a Vancouver-based independent game development studio dedicated to making accessible titles that push the boundaries of innovation.

Our previous titles include:


Critics declared the drum recording app Drum Studio “a percussionist’s dream” (sfx-360.com) and “an intuitive gem” (Silver Y Award, yetanotherreviewsite.co.uk) that “takes music games to a whole new level” (Editor’s Choice Award, teamxbox.com). 

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All Seeing Eye Games followed up the Drum Studio series with Recording Studio which applied Drum Studio's award-winning recording features to Xbox 360-compatible microphones including the Kinect.

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We next branched out with the highly-rated* Classic Works Library, a digital collection of 28 complete classic novels & plays enhanced with digital navigation & bookmarking to bring the benefits of ebook reading to your Xbox 360.

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Press X to Not Die represents our latest venture, the revival of the interactive movie genre, enhanced with HD visuals, a branching storyline and new technology like dynamic dialogue that pushes interactive movies to new heights.


*Classic Works Libary is ranked #37 out of 3,354 Xbox LIVE indie games by user rating as of 8/15/2015.


Press X to Not Die Credits

Game Design by Darren Joe
Live-Action Director
Trevor Tablotney
Screenplay by
Darren Joe
Costume Design by
Lisa Saddler
Music by
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Damon Morris
First Assistant Directors
Erica Lapadat-Janzen
Ian Macdonald
The Player
The Scientist
The Bicyclist
Christoph Leon
Tracy Hallam
Meeshelle Neal
Josh Hallem
Arpad Balogh
Additional Cast
Christiane Boyce
Darlyne Dolap-Reece
Darren Joe
Erica Lapadat-Janzen
Kieron Rhys Lillo
Ian Macdonald
Damon Morris
Chelsea Rea
Jennifer Roberts
Phoenix Sigurdson
Cory Ashton Sweet
Andrew Tablotney
Trevor Tablotney
Katie Takefman
Sarah Threet
Simon Yang
Camera Operator Christoph Leon
Lead Makeup
Additional Makeup
Megan Nicholson
Haylee Carrington
Marina Hume
Ryan Nicholson
Location Audio
Additional Location Audio
Damon Morris
Joe Jacobsen
Brian Kemp
Sound Design
Additional Sound Design
Damon Morris
Kevin Robb
Production Assistant
Stills Photographer
Sarah Threet
Alexandra Yeomans
John Molnar
Cover Design Terry Wong
Caterer Simon Yang
Special Thanks
Bernard Armani
Darlyne Dolap-Reece
Aaron Dubois
Ric Lee
Kathy Leung
Peter Leung
Marcus Lo
Simon Yang
Tablotney Family
Metrotown Media
Richmond Boys Fastball Association
Full credits in-game


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