"impossible not to love"
-- GameSpew
"Really really really really fun"
"I love it. It's so good."
-- Sizzle Games
"the best four bucks that I've spent on an indie game"
"now we're being beaten to death by a book so that's absolutely fantastic and just what I wanted to happen."
"I will forever remember this experience"
-- Rage Gaming Videos
"5/5 stars"
"an excellent fun game that I would recommend anyone to play"
-- Indigo Reviews
"a terrific throwback to interactive movies that captures the comedy for which we loved them for, and multiplies it tenfold."
-- Brash Games
"I love that complete weirdos made this."
"I love it. This is amazing."
"This was hilarious... I will be playing the sequel"
-- Dlive
"It was great. It was great. It was great."
-- Wixspin
"way more fun than it has any right to be."
"Oh my god, this game is awesome."
-- ActiveSin Gaming
"Better than Beyond: Two Souls"
-- Jim Sterling
"crazy, ridiculous, hilarious"
"a delightfully funny game"
"Press X to buy!"--
"Whoever made this is a f#@$ing idiot but in the funniest way"
-- egotrip'D
"hilarious absurdity" --
"Our overall verdict: GRAB IT"
"[A] game that [you] will never forget"
"awesome, a work of genius."
-- lolznoob, creator of Survivalist
"f@#$ing actual genius" -- NevillTV
"This is the best game ever."
-- CinnamonToastKen
"This is the best thing ever."
-- Daz Games


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