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All Seeing Eye Games presents

Press X to Not Die

An Interactive Movie for Xbox 360 / Steam / PC / Mac

New video game Press X to Not Die satirizes and reinvents the interactive movie

Vancouver, BC - (September 1, 2015) - All Seeing Eye Games announces their new title, Press X to Not Die, an over-the-top live-action interactive movie available now for Xbox 360 and coming to Steam in October 2015.  In Press X to Not Die, the player must fight for survival in a city gone mad while finding themselves imbued with incredible new reflexes that make complex actions as simple as pressing… a button.  Press X to Not Die is a video game in which life has literally become a video game.

This meta action-comedy FMV game embraces the absurdity of modern game mechanics by transforming every action from fighting off enemies to putting on your jacket into a pulse-pounding time-critical button prompt quick time event.  The player must use their new skills to survive the streets, escape the city, and uncover the secrets behind the madness in a branching storyline that reflects their choices.


Game Designer Darren Joe says, “Interactive movies died an unjust death in the 1990s thanks to a glut of poorly-executed titles and never had a chance to realize their full potential.  We want to embrace the inherent camp of the genre while also pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with it.”

Press X to Not Die is available now for download on Xbox 360 for just $2.99 and is coming to Steam in October 2015 after its successful Steam Greenlight campaign in August.  

You can visit our website to view the trailer, screenshots and more here:
You can download the free Xbox 360 trial here:  
Review copies are available upon request.

All Seeing Eye Games is a Vancouver-based independent game development studio dedicated to making accessible titles that push the boundaries of innovation.  Its previous titles include the highly-rated Classic Works Library digital book collection and the award-winning Drum Studio recording app for the Rock Band drum kit.  Critics declared Drum Studio “an intuitive gem” (Silver Y Award, that “takes music games to a whole new level” (Editor’s Choice Award,


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